Eerie Discussion Sheet and Crossword

A lot of readers have written to me about the underlying theme of hurtful teasing/bullying in Eerie. A lot of folks related to Hailey’s way of coping by shutting herself off socially and how that affected her in her relationships in college.

I made two things for EERIE readers:

  1. A discussion sheet for teens, college students, and book club readers. There’s also some fun tidbits (about the German, Alaskan, and ParaScience of Eerie) as well as some space trivia 🙂
  2. An Eerie/Alaska Crossword Puzzle

Download the pdf file of the Eerie discussion sheet here: eerie-discussion-sheet

Also, here’s a fun crossword puzzle: An Eerie/Alaska Crossword Puzzle

And here’s a fun giveaway!

If you finish the crossword puzzle, take a picture or scan and email it to me (contact @ cmmccoy . com). Every month or so, I’ll draw a winner from the crossword entries, and that winner will receive A Bear Towne University T-Shirt (whichever one I have in stock in the winner’s size) 🙂

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Written by CM McCoy